note to self…

…must remember to blog…

Ok where was I up to? Did the decorating, did some more temping at NOP, they must like me. So it was all going well; temping was getting my finances back into shape with nice breaks inbetween, seeing lovely people, the sun had his hat on etc. then Friday I got sick. Doh! not only did I get sick, but I got sick just as I was getting of the tube to go to work at St Pauls and to top it all I passed out cold on the platform and became one of those embarrassing people you see looking a bit green while London Underground workers fuss around them with plastic cups of water as train after train of ogling bastards stare at them. How shamemaking.

In a semi-recovered state I was helped to the supervisors office by the lovely Mr Khan the supervisor, who came over from India 20 years ago having worked in a pharmacy, but couldn’t afford to go to college and get qualified here as he had a young family so took a part time job on the underground… He was very nice, gave me many cups of sticky sweet tea and told me about his interest in homeopathic medicine and how proud he was of his family. A very good guy all round.

So anyway, I’ve spent a few days of R and R and tried to go to work this morning. No dice said my body when I reached Mile End station and so began the torturous trip back with very slow walking, headspins and cold-sweats, followed by a day of doing absolutely Jack.

Did have to stop on the way back to take a picture of this. This I think is very sad (the picture not the fact that I stopped to take a picture of it)

So what has happened in the world while I lay around?

Well in my world;

I learnt how to connect my new phone to my laptop and use it to connect to the internet so now where ever I may be in the world, I can connect. You may wonder why this is worthy of note. It’s mainly due to the fact that for the last 2 years I have had phones which barely functioned as phones and now to have something that is a decent camera, doesn’t need recharging every 10 minutes, connects me to the internet AND works as a phone is making me preposterously happy.

I watched the end of the original King Kong on BBC2 on Monday, (Missed the beginning through lying around going “urrgh” and feeling sorry for myself), and it still made me cry like it did when I first saw it as a toddler. I then immediately ordered it on DVD squandering £3.99 of my budget with barely a flicker of guilt.

In other news;

Ken Anderton had a baby son, Ethan.
Cliff Holmes fixed his virus checker on his PC.
New York ground to a standstill and everyone there had a big hug.
Gay people got their relationships legally recognised in the UK. click

After all that I’ve taken the rest of the week off work, and the temp agency, rather than tearing up my contract and not returning my calls, have said they hope I feel better soon and have got me some more work starting on the 10th of Jan the day after I get back from France? Did I mention I was going to France again? Yay!

What else? Tomorrow Duran Duran live for the 4th time in 2 years! I don’t even like em that much! Ahhh waddyagonna do? All together nowww… HER NAME IS RIO AND SHE DANCES ON THE SAAANNNNNND…

when I get bored

Ummm hi, no apologies, straight back in, OK, well I temped which ended up lasting 3 weeks instead of 2 but I didn’t mind because it was taking all the money pressure away. Talk about a weight of my shoulders. Well don’t, but you know what I mean.

After that I helped to decorate a house (eww that was hard work!) for a friend and ached for a few days afterwards but it did feel like it did me some good apart from the huge quantities of paint dust I inhaled.

Lay around for the weekend after that saying “Ow” a bit and then did a bit more lazing this week, with a smidgen of computer fixing thrown in. Success again, Damn I’m good at fixing computers. Everyone needs a talent right? Mine is being able to hum and whistle at the same time, and knowing far too many stupid facts.

Had first band rehearsal thingy in 8 trillion years. Surprisingly the gap had led us all to hone our playing skills to such a fine level that the sound waves travelled directly to the buildings of all the biggest record companies in the world and through the keyholes into the offices of the secret men who run the world of music and into their ears, forcing them to stumble pied piper-like towards our North London rehearsal room and write huge charity telethon sized cheques to all of us.

Or we were a bit crap and need to practice more…

Then off to see Mercury Rev the other night at the Shepherds Bush Empire, which is not an Empire at all, but more of a big theatre. They HAD parcticed. They very good. I walk 2 inches off ground at end of music with big unwipeable off face smile.

And now I’ve been asked to temp again down on the South Bank next to the Tate Modern so more art and expensive lunches beckon, along with fun walks over the Millenium bridge… 2 weeks should take me nicely up to Christmas.

It’s all going surprisingly well. Last time this happened it all went horribly wrong… ready?