If you sit staring at a computer screen for 19 or 20 hours your eyes begin to hurt. You knew that right? Well if you didn’t it’s true, look out for it.

Had a nice meeting yesterday with Paola Campari. How could a meeting with someone called Paola Campari not be nice? She’s the advisor for the Creative Enterprise Initiative, she’s Scottish Italian, and she doesn’t think you can do what I want to do for a business using a digital camera from Dixons. I felt better after talking to her.

And now I’m setting up another business, which ideally will support the first one while I’m trying to build it up. The first one’s tricky you see cos no-one knows they want it yet. Everyone knows they need a computer fixer though. That’s the second business and I’m a cheap one!

MMMMMmmmm when my eyes hurt I like to make pictures. here’s one..

night… x

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